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WordPress Development

WordPress Theme Customization

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a prebuilt CMS system which can make your website or blog in just few seconds. It gives you an admin panel also to edit the content or posting new content on it. It will make you website or blog using a default wordpress theme, which is why you need to hire a web designer to make your website unique to help in branding. Default themes don't look attractive and lacks most of the features you want.

What we do for WordPress Theme Development?

WordPress gives you only default theme design with only some options to change it. There are times when someone might want to add more functions or change the way things look by default, like for corporate branding a wordpress blog should reflect the company's identity. You cannot design wordpress theme or plugins by yourself. If you are using WordPress Development in India for your Website then it should be made unique which can only be Designed by hiring a WordPress Blog Designer. Web-DesignIndia's WordPress Theme Designer will show you the design first in PSD format and after your approval he will change it from PSD to WordPress. India companies use WordPress mostly for a blog, but you can use it for your Website also.

Reasons of Choosing WordPress for your Blog or Website in India?

  • WordPress Websites or Blogs can be make faster and easily.
  • The Admin Panel gives you the power of posting new content or editing the old one.
  • It is made in PHP any so will be easy for a service provider to change the core programming.
  • It is easy to operate for a Website Owner.
  • You can make your own WordPress Design which by using PSD to WordPress workflow.
  • A WordPress Blog or Website is SEO Friendly.

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