Image Gallery Script


There are many types of web-based photo galleries. Most of them run on programs called scripts. Some scripts are large and complex with browser-based management. Others are smaller, commercial scripts where you need some knowledge of how scripts work to administer them. And others are small, compact, but have some external management console so you can manage it online without any special knowledge or skills.

We'll guide you through making a selection for your site. We'll install, setup and customize your gallery so that it's ready for you to add pictures. Or, we can get it going and manage it for you when you need to add/change pictures.

Below is a gallery based on Flash technology. It is the same one we use for our portfolio.

If you need to add a gallery to your site, or you want to make sure you have one in your new site, give us a call - 0712-2641214 or 9850935579.