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Get Reliable, Scalable and Cost-Effective Wordpress Development Services from India's leading CMS Development Company.
Hotsweb offers custom Wordpress theme design, development and customization services to small and midsize organizations looking for highly productive easy to manage, cost-effective websites.

We have a dedicated team of Wordpress developers who are well versed with the technology and has extensive experience in Wordpress CMS, Custom Wordpress development, Wordpress customization and Wordpress website development.

We also excel in Wordpress blog customization and custom Wordpress plug-in development. We follow a systematic approach and develop user-friendly systems that are search engine optimized and ready for the social media. Our focus is on our customers and we strive to deliver solutions as per their needs.

Why Wordpress?
Web Library

Wordpress is popular for the fact that it is incredibly easy to use. A website developed using this simple CMS can get extensively powerful by integrating it's abundantly available plug-ins. Wordpress's extensive web library has thousands of attractive templates and exclusive plug-ins that can create magic to any website. A simple theme can be customized and any functionality can be incorporated to bring out a terrific website.

Online community

Most love Wordpress because it is very easy to understand and can get away with an excellent site easily. Therefore, there are millions of Wordpress fans who are constantly working at developing the community. There are many sites that answer your problems. Its very strong and tight-knit community is ready to help with any problems you face with the CMS.

Reward for non-techies

One thing about Wordpress is that it is incredibly easy to use and this is sure a boon for the users as they can develop great sites without having to dig into the technology. Wordpress is extremely user friendly. Compared to the other CMSs, Wordpress has an endless list of features that are very easy to adapt, understand and use.

Database Backup

Your site contains valuable data. Wordpress knows the value of it... You can have frequent back-ups of your priceless data whenever you want. Using this extraordinary feature of Wordpress, you will never have to fear about loss of data.


Wordpress is widely known and it has made its presence highly prominent. Its prominence has created many market niches for Wordpress, one of it being PSD to WORDPRESS. Its online community is enormous and the enthusiastic Wordpress lovers are working on the betterment of the CMS. Why wont anyone want to join a prosperous community!


Customization is incredibly easy. The site can be easily customized as per growing requirements. Therefore reorganizing your site can be done at any point of time without the fear of complication.


Wordpress is getting better day by day! The community that is Wordpress crazy is actively striving to push the limits of Wordpress and to get the CMS better. Developers are working to build cool plug-ins to bring in more and more features to the evolving CMS. Therefore, you can be confident that this platform will meet your future needs and expectations.

Sky is the limit!

It is true that Wordpress was a blogging platform. Not any more Wordpress is capable of performing any thing right from blogging to E-Com solutions. This easy to deal with CMS can bring in wonders by just incorporating necessary features using their incredible plug-ins.

Search Engine friendly

Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS that is widely used, and hence all the popular search engines are familiar with it. Wordpress use standards that comply with the search engines and hence achieve to maintain good ranking. Using the SEO plug-in makes sure that the site performs well in search results.